UTOOL Paint Thickness Meter Gauge BIT 3003 CRASH-TEST CHECK

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UTOOL Paint Thickness Meter Gauge BIT 3003 CRASH-TEST CHECK Description

The AUTO-LAK-TEST 3003 The meter is a meter to measure the thickness of varnish coatings with an accuracy of 20 microns.It is used to quickly and accurately check if the vehicle was painted in the past.The tester does not require battery or calibration and can be used for many years.It is a meter and tester because it performs the function of measuring the thickness of the varnish and performs the function of rapid tests.It is used to detect the thickness of paint layers that are invisible to the naked eye in vehicles made of sheet steel and galvanized steel.The tester lets you know if a car accident is hidden under the beautiful varnish.

 The AUTO-LAK-TEST little 3003 lacquer has a micron color scale, which makes it very easy to read the thickness of the varnish or putty, even for those who check the car for the first time

 The individual colors of the scale indicate:

  • 1. Blue color-coating with a thickness of 0.0 to 100 microns-a thin layer of varnish (varnish without base or polished several times)
  • 2. Green color: 100 to 200 microns thick coating for original varnishes. Warning; In newer car models, the thickness of 180 microns may indicate a thin layer of the second varnish.
  • 3. Yellow color-coating with a thickness of 200 to 300 microns-after paint repairs (second '' varnish).
  • 4. Red-coating with a thickness of 300 to 520 microns-surface after repairs of sheet metal + a second varnish.
  • 5. Black-coated color with a thickness of more than 520-surface putty and varnished (the amount of putty is about 0.5mm).

How does it work:

The thickness of the varnish and Putty is measured by touching the tip of the tester with the surface magnet being tested (the surface must be clean and free of dust). Monotonous, without moving too fast, we pull the tester until the magnet breaks from the surface tested. During this operation a colorful scale comes out. The thickness of the lacquer coating is read in microns with an accuracy of 25 microns. The measurement result is the highest indication on the tester scale, and also at this time the scale disappears automatically.

 Designed as a simple pen and with its magnetic tip, it can be attached to any curved surface or a hard to reach place.It is made of high quality materials, making it the perfect choice to carry and always be prepared.It does not paint varnish and leaves no trace in light or dark varnishes. Extremely easy to use, no battery required.Its thickness gauge is waterproof and can be used in the rain and in a dirty carIt is highly accurate due to its compatibility with a digital thickness gaugeThe colorful measuring scale will help you understand the state of the car you are testing, and will easily show any hidden damage It is perfect to check if a car has been involved in an accident and if the lacquer is original. The tester can be used both by professional businesses to assess the condition of the parts, and by a buyer to assess the quality of a car.

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