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  • Tractor For Cervical Spine Portable Neck Pillow
  • Tractor For Cervical Spine Portable Neck Pillow
  • Tractor For Cervical Spine Portable Neck Pillow
  • Tractor For Cervical Spine Portable Neck Pillow

Tractor For Cervical Spine Portable Neck Pillow

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Product Code: WH-0702
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You will Pay 899.00 . Buy 2 or More & Save Up to Rs. 50.00
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Tractor For Cervical Spine Portable Neck Pillow Description

  • Unit Is Light Weight For Carrying Away From Home, 
  • Making It Ideal For Travel.
  • This Cervical Neck Traction Is Designed To Maintain 
  • The Natural Curve And Alignment Of The Neck For Your Health
  • Easy To Use, 
  • Comfortable And Non-Threatening.

it can treat the problems of end-nerve cervical spine. It can subside the symptoms. It is easy in operation and safe and efficient in the treatment.This product is mainly made up of air bag, lining bushing, the conduit, plastic attachment, the valve of the tractor, the inflatable ball, the nylon adherent buttons and so on. According to the different material, it can be divided into latex tractors and rubber tractors.This one is with three layers of separated type which can be a perfect Cervical Spine Neck Tractor .. It is suitable to treat the problem of end-nerve cervical spine.


Width: 20 cm
Height: 3 cm
Length: 25 cm

Anum - Verified Purchase 2020-10-25 13:08:00

good product. Thanks Wishhub

Saqib Jalil - Verified Purchase 2020-10-10 14:18:00

Great product that is easy to use, once you figure out how it works. It comes with good instructions. It is very comfortable because it can be adjusted to the girdth of your neck. Great price too.

Dr Samina - Verified Purchase 2020-09-15 23:58:00

I have never used anything like this before, but it was extremely easy to use. The soft material made it comfortable to have on. The first time i tried it i wasnt sure what to expect, but after taking it off about 15 mins later my neck felt great! I love that it is fully adjustable for any neck

Jazib - Verified Purchase 2020-09-09 15:24:00

This product might help others but I have tried it several times including the other day and it just did not relieve any pain at all just was like a big restrictive collar around my neck with no relief.

Zeeshan Nomi - Verified Purchase 2020-08-25 23:12:00

This is such a neat product. I wasn’t expecting much but it actually feels great to wear! I put it on after I’ve put the kids down at night so I can relax in it while watching tv and it has made my neck feel a lot better. It’s easy to inflate and deflate as well.

Alishba Ch - Verified Purchase 2020-08-10 19:48:00

This is really comfortable. Easy to use. You inflate it to how you like it.

Abdul Qayyum - Verified Purchase 2020-07-28 12:10:00

So I have been using this for about 10 to 15 minutes a day for the past week. At first it was a little uncomfortable but that’s my fault pumped it way to much. After a little adjustment my neck has been feeling so much better.

Farah J - Verified Purchase 2020-07-19 11:15:00

Easy to inflate and reduces stress in the neck area - very comfortable and easy to use.

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